Specialty Coatings

Hard Shield 8.0

Hard Shield 8.0 is a water-based Nano protective glass, tile and ceramic treatment that brings Nano-technology to a different level. It acts as a barrier that prevents scratches by most tools. Superior above other existing water repelling coatings; it protects against most types of vandalism without changing the appearance of the substrate. Hard Shield 8.0 Protects against scratches from vandals, graffiti, mishaps by window cleaners, day to day wear and tear and construction debris, also stops mineral and hard water deposits from embedding and damaging the substrate. Suitable for: windows, mirrors, glass doors, display cases, glass and ceramic splash-backs, tiles and ceramic and any glass or ceramic surface that might be prone to scratches.


Krytalcoat is a nonstick Hydrophobic coating, easy to clean containing nano-particles for glass and various hard surfaces including Stainless Steel. An excellent performance protective coating for self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning ceramics. Krystalcoat provides an invisible, non-stick, surface Hydrophobic nano coating. Krystalcoat glass coatings provide a long lasting durable layer of protection. Glass will no longer need regular cleaning as the
invisible coatings will create a self-cleaning glass effect meaning that water and debris will no longer stick on the surface.

Dry Shield

Dry Shield is a water-based penetrating protective treatment that does not change the appearance of the substrate but creates a breathable barrier which protects it from stains by creating a hydrophobic barrier on the surface of the substrate. Dry Shield provides protection for masonry substrates such as concrete, terracotta tile, stone, pavers, sandstone and grout. Treated surfaces become easier to clean and maintain, it protects the substrate against water penetration, staining, chewing gum adhesion, and efflorescence, corrosion of steel reinforcement, spalling and de-icing salt attack.

Micro Treat

Micro Treat Is a solvent based silane/siloxane penetrating protective treatment that creates a breathable barrier which protects it from stains by creating a hydrophobic barrier on the surface of the substrate. Micro Treat has been formulated to provide a long lasting protective barrier to low porosity substrates such as granite, marble and natural stone, it is also suitable for masonry substrates such as brick, concrete, pavers and sandstone. Once treated the substrate becomes oil and water repelling which prevents chewing gum adhesion, staining, corrosion of steel reinforcement, efflorescence, spalling and   de-icing salt attack.

Tru Shield Anti-Graffiti Coating

Tru Shield Anti-Graffiti Coating is a single-component, non-sacrificial, u/v-resistant ready-to-use nano coating that cures with atmospheric moisture. Intended for use over properly prepared concrete and painted surfaces. once applied it leaves a non-stick surface that graffiti, paint, bill posters and stickers wont adhere too. There is no need for chemicals or abrasives as simple pressure washing with water only! or soapy water with a brush will remove all traces of graffiti. Cost savings of between 30 to 50% compared to existing methods of abrasive cleaning and repainting.


Protect-It is a specialised product designed for the protection of metal type equipment and for use in the construction industry for the prevention of adhesion to surface of unwanted slurry and other unwanted types of product residue. Protect-It is ideal for protecting all surfaces including timber, glass, aluminium and steel from all pollution and building residues-rust and corrosion.

Rust Stop

Rust Stop is an extremely durable rust preventing, moisture repelling and sealing product which stops rust and adheres to virtually any surface. It can be used as a surface sealer, finishing coat, intermediate primer or bonding barrier coat, on steel, aluminium, wood or masonry, Rust Stop will withstand exceptionally harsh environments and it works by penetrating and sealing the surface not allowing air or moisture to penetrate for up to 8 years.

Stainless Steel Shield

Stainless Steel Shield has been specially formulated to coat stainless steel and leave a protective barrier against the harmful contaminants in the air, it microscopically coats the surface and protects it from atmospheric corrosion which causes unsightly “tea staining”. Protection last for up to several months depending on the conditions. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Stainless Steel Rejuvenator.

Timber Guard

Timber Guard is designed for the treatment and care of exterior wooden furniture, doors, decking, windows etc. it is marine grade, water resistant deep penetrating clear timber treatment which is especially suited for Teak used in Marine Environments. The oil can be used on all wood species and contains UV filters which will slow down the greying process and keep the wood looking fresh