Specialty Cleaners

Acid Wash Solution/Red Stain Remover

Acid Wash Solution/Red Stain Remover is designed to clean unique and challenging stains from surfaces in industrial and janitorial areas, it is ideal for removing red dust stains from vehicles and machinery. Open weather and industrial build-ups are harsh on masonry. Porcelain, metals etc. Acid Wash Solution will penetrate deep into any porous substrate petrochemicals, dirt, carbon etc. and then foam these to the surface for easy rinsing.

Alu Bright

Alu Bright is a blend of specialty acids used to clean and brighten most metals including aluminium and stainless steel. It is useful for deoxidising dull, soiled and blemished metals and restores and brightens them to original lustre.

Concrete Acid Wash

Concrete Acid Wash safely removes rust stains, mildew, mineral deposits, grease and dirt from all masonry surfaces. It is excellent for cleaning terrazzo, building and patio bricks, ceramic and quarry tiles and does not colour or ‘burn’ the masonry surface. It may also be used in cleaning pool filters and other plastic equipment. The addition of Phosphorylated Ethoxylate in Concrete Acid Wash provides a deeper penetration and more thorough clean even though it is not as acidic as many similar products of its type. Ideal for workshop and food processing floors, pool surrounds, streetscapes, monuments etc. Once surface has been rejuvenated back to its original condition protection can be achieved by using Dry Shield penetrating treatment.

Tile Wash

Tile Wash has been specifically formulated to remove organic and non-organic soiling such as mineral soil deposits, calcium, uric acid, rust, chlorine staining, bore water stains, algae, moss, mildew and mould. For use on tiles, porcelain, natural stone, pavers and masonry surfaces. it can restore badly stained stainless steel and porcelain toilet fixtures. it is suitable for fiberglass tanks and marine vessels.

Stainless Steel Rejuvenator

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Stainless Steel Rejuvenator has been formulated to provide effective cleaning. Phosphoric Acid with the combination of Ammonium Bifluoride provide thorough and deep cleaning of all mineral salts, tea staining, leaching, oxidation and other stains that occur through natural weathering and exposure to the environment. It is effective on metals and masonry surfaces. It has an extremely wide variety of applications. The addition of an acid tolerant detergent provides a medium for cleaning petroleum based greases, dirt and fatty materials.

Tar Clean

Tar Clean is a cleaning fluid made from a range of solvents and D Limonene for removing bitumen from rakes, shovels, paving machines, vehicle bodies or any other metallic surfaces. It is safe to use on painted surfaces plastics and seals but must be rinsed well with a suitable degreaser then flushed with water.