Degreasers & Cleaners

Bowl Kleen

Bowl Kleen is designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize in one triple action. Bowl Kleen will kill unwanted bacteria – brighten stainless steel and remove uric acid build up. Using bactericides and acids. A lasting fragrance will mask all odours and make areas smell clean as well as look clean.


D-Greaser is super concentrated & aggressive for heavy work & versatile for technical work mining, earth moving, paint reconstituting, air conditioning, coils & condensers, car detailing, industrial steam & pressure cleaning.

Shield Grills & Ovens

Shield Grills & Ovens restores your valuable equipment to like new condition quickly, simply and inexpensively. It works like a liquid scourer while the equipment is still hot so there is no need to wait! It is ideal for removing baked on grease, carbon oils and fat instantly. Specially formulated with Sodium Gluconate for grill plates, stove tops and ovens which operate under extreme conditions in the commercial and hospitality trade.


Knock-Out Heavy Duty Floor Degreaser is a heavy duty, Biodegradable floor and hard surface cleaner. Knock-Out is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner with high degreasing qualities which rapidly emulsifies, suspends and removes all types of animal, vegetable and petroleum oils. It is also extremely efficient at removing greases and grime in industrial, commercial and food processing areas. Its aggressive cleaning and wetting action can penetrate the pores of the vitrified surface, helping to lift out stubborn build up dirt and stains – in hot or cold water. The result will be immediate, especially when auto scrubbing.

Mighty Kleen

Mighty Kleen is a totally biodegradable, non-flammable industrial solvent. It leaves no film or residue when Mighty Kleen is used thus cutting down on valuable cleaning time. It removes grease, carbon, inks, oils and creosote from all surfaces replacing the need for hazardous and flammable petroleum based solvents.

Shield Plus

Shield Plus degreaser concentrate is a heavy duty slightly alkaline, low foaming, hard surface degreaser specifically formulated using the latest revolutionary surfactant technology, slightly alkaline for that added kick to remove stubborn grease, dirt and soot from all surfaces. Developed as a superior alternative to dangerous solvent based products, Shield Plus is a special low foaming, industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that combine safety with effective cleaning.

Ultra Clean

Ultra Clean is an all-purpose industrial grade Neutral cleaner that contains coconut extract for superior foaming. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and versatile. Every home, office & business should have it. Ultra Clean will remove grease, soils, mildew, soap scum, nicotine, oil, dyes, carbon, inks, & soot. It is safe to use on all surfaces such as metal, fabric, timber, glass, masonry, vinyl, & carpet.

Citrus Cleaners

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Citra Break

Citra Break degreaser – cleaner is derived from Australian citrus fruit a renewable resource. Citra Break degreaser is compatible with all separator pits and will completely quick break from surface washing waters removing grease from the workshop but not polluting the environment. It leaves rinsing water chemical, oil and grease free.

Citra Plus

Citra Plus is a natural solvent extracted from Australian orange skins which has been treated with a patented process that ensures high purity low residual odour excellent dielectric properties and skin gentleness. APPLICATIONS FOR USE: Electrical Equipment, CITRA PLUS has been tested to AS1767 and international standard IEC 60156 to have dielectric strength of 63kv. Electric Coatings, CITRA PLUS is compatible with most epoxies and varnishes used in the electrical industry. Degreasing, CITRA PLUS is an excellent quick dry electrical solvent which will dewater and degrease all electrical equipment safely.