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Environmentally Sustainable Chemicals

Better for you. Better for the planet.

Krystalshield is a solution to a problem. Working as cleaners we saw how inefficient, unsafe and harmful to the environment mainstream formulas can be….so we decided to make our own. We opened a factory, mastered the technology and now we create powerful and efficient cleaning products that last longer, clean deeper and respect the environment.

Shield Chemicals is a subsidiary brand of Krystalshield. We manufacture environmentally sustainable chemicals and coatings, to help provide cleaner, safer and more durable surfaces. Our second subsidiary, Shield Care, includes applicators for all the specialty coatings and specialty cleaners that Krystalshield provide.

Our values make us unique


We are a family business with family values and want our products to make our customer’s day a little bit easier. We have been in their shoes before and understand the importance of great service and support.


Our company was born to create high quality, high powered products that deliver results without causing harm. We use this mentality every day to guide, push and innovate our product development so we can continue servicing our people and making a difference.


Quality is a non-negotiable at our company and our processes ensure every product we send out meets the KrystalShield standard. Our GECA certification speaks to the precision and attention we invest into every product we create.


We believe you can care for yourself and the planet at the same time. Our products use eco-friendly solutions that make results last longer, which makes our customer’s life easier. We consider it our responsibility to make the world 1% better every day for both people and the plant.

Our Experience

We have been in the cleaning industry for over 25 years. We started as cleaners, became experts in chemicals and coatings and now we provide the innovative solutions and high-level service that we saw missing in the industry. Our commitment to excellence has seen us develop over 70 products and has drawn customers from across Australia to use Krystalshield.

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Our Team

Our team embody our values and work hard every day to service our people and our planet.


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