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For your
Cleaning products for your family

Products that care about your family

We know family comes first and our products will help you keep your family safe. Made with environmentally responsible solutions and free of harsh chemicals, we can help you achieve the home you want without compromising safety.

Our products are formulated to meet commercial standards, making them high performing and fast acting. But isn’t that what you want at home too? We have created convenient, easy to use packaging for the home so next time you clean you will know you are using the highest quality products while still protecting the planet.

High quality and cost-effective for your business

We know that you are running a business and need quality products that are affordable and reliable. We started out as cleaners and created Krystalshield to make your job easier, safer and more efficient.

Our solutions come in different quantities at different levels of concentration to give you options depending on the problem you are trying to solve. We offer in depth service and consultation to help you make the right choice and create a highly effective workplace using our highly effective cleaning products.

For your

Products for

Every industry is unique and we have created products to reflect those needs.

We care about you

Every decision we make at KrystalShield is centered around the question, ‘How can we make our Customer’s life easier?’. Our product ranges, our customer service and our solutions are developed to make your life easier.

We still have some chemical products that yet don’t have a green alternative, However, we are continually working to find a safe alternative that doesn’t impact the quality and outcome. This is the same for our GECA products, we have 14 GECA-certified products and develop all our new products with a GECA-mindset with the aim of having all of our products GECA-certified


People use cleaning products and we want to make their life easier with our products.


We create high performing and reliable solutions that will always deliver.


Innovation and continual improvement drive our company to reach new heights.


We believe we have a duty to make the planet 1% better each day and we strive to achieve that.

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